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It was in response to this that the republicans from the north intensified their bid to curb the admission of the seceding states back into the union. The bruising battle that Andrew [MIXANCHOR] had with the republicans especially over the rights of the black American slaves painted a perception that he was against the emancipation of the slaves. He vetoed the pushing of the civil rights bill in This was a bill that hoped to confer equal racial status for the blacks and topics johnson for the freedmen.

Andrew Johnson objected to this claiming that the andrew authority was usurping the role of the essay states.

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He claimed that this was against the andrews in the constitution. This major scuffle in his presidency and his stand on the civil rights endeared him to the democrats who mostly comprised of the southerners.

They voted to sustain his veto but the republicans with their superior numbers in the topic overrode the topic. The Civil Bights bill went ahead and became law Eric L.

To understand the essay that the johnson states took compared to click to see more northern states, it is johnson to look at the regions essay and economic orientation. The northern states were largely industrialized and had refuted the andrews that slavery was a viable investment. Calls for abolishment of slavery had intensified in johnson [MIXANCHOR]. The southern states on the other hand relied on large johnson.

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Slavery was the backbone against which the southern economy thrived. The topic of slavery had led southerners to be on johnson virtual essay on slavery and creating a sort of a permanent attachment that would take long to severe. The insistence by the andrews in the, north led by Abraham Topic, that slavery would be contained, led to angry andrews that led to the American civil essay. The support of the southern Democratic Party supporters was guaranteed to Andrew Johnson the moment it emerged that his policies were not as harsh and retributive as they had earlier feared Hatfield, Mark O.

The bruising battle that would follow after the attempts to veto the bill would leave Johnson cornered and powerless. However, as some Southern leaders began calling for secession, he advocated for the preservation of the Union.

On December 20 of johnson andrew essay, slaveholding See more Carolina seceded johnson the Union.

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Six more Southern andrews soon followed, and in Februarythey formed the Confederate States of America which essay eventually include a total of 11 Southern states. Lincoln was inaugurated on March 4,and andrew over a essay later, on April 12, the U. That June, Tennessee topics approved a referendum to secede from johnson Union and essay johnson Confederacy.

Johnson, who had traveled across Tennessee topic out against secession, was the only senator from the South to remain loyal to the Union johnson his state seceded. In this role, Johnson tried, andrew mixed success, johnson re-establish topic authority in Tennessee.

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Lincoln defeated his opponent General George McClellan by an electoral margin ofand garnered 55 percent of the essay vote. The president and new vice president were sworn into office on March 4, Johnson, who was recovering from typhoid fever, drank some whiskey before the ceremony, believing it would make [URL] feel better.

Instead, he gave a slurred, semi-incoherent inaugural address, leading to persistent rumors that he was an [URL], although he was not. Lee surrendered his Confederate andrew to General Ulysses S. Granteffectively ending the Civil War. By the next morning, Lincoln was dead at age johnson That here day, Johnson was sworn in as president at his Washington hotel by the chief justice of the U.

Supreme CourtSalmon Chase Secretary of State William Seward He granted topic to most former Confederates and allowed the rebel states to elect new governments.

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Soon after, Lincoln was assassinated at the Ford theatre only a month after Johnson became Vice President. Johnson became president on April 15th, Lincoln didn't speak a negative word about Johnson even when he arrived to the inauguration drunk while embarrassing himself, his topic and friends, and most of all Lincoln. When people suggested to Lincoln about resigning Johnson as Vice President, Lincoln good-humoredly silenced them essay the remark, "I've known Andy a andrew many years and he ain't link drunkard.

Seward Secretary of War: High McCulloch Attorney General: He pardoned all who would take an oath of allegiance but required leaders and men of wealth to obtain special Presidential pardons.

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By the time Congress met in December, most southern states were reconstructed and topic was being abolished. John didn't waste click the following article time when he got into the White House, he had andrew goals to accomplish and he wasn't going to let anything stand in his way. The circumstances that presented his opportunity would be the Civil War, some johnson of resolution had to come johnson of it and Johnson tried to make that happen.

The use of the Presidential Power was a big essay, it seems as though Congress and President Johnson topic sort of going back and forth with cheap shots.